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Bulk Waste – Is it here to stay?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

This week marks the beginning of Fall 2021 Bulk Waste collection in Sandy, which will continue into early November as different areas of the city are scheduled for pickup each week.

If you’ve been following the bulk waste conversation, then you know that the future of this service is uncertain following concern the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) has with the storm water permit Sandy holds. This means that adherence to the program’s rules is crucial, and Sandy City will need to better enforce those rules if we want this program to continue.

As I have followed the conversation over the last year and a half, and talked with so many of you on your doorsteps as part of my campaign efforts these last few months, it is clear that residents overwhelmingly love and use this service, and would like to see it continue in perpetuity. Not only does it serve the important function of beautifying and cleaning our city, but many of you have said that is also creates and maintains neighborhood ties as families come together to help each other in a common task.

While I am pleased the bulk waste program is happening this fall, no final decision has been made regarding future collections as negotiations are ongoing between Sandy City and the DEQ. However, I assure you that should I be elected this November, I will continue to work with the Bulk Waste Work Group, members of the City Council and the new mayoral administration to find and acceptable solution for both the city and the DEQ, while keeping the program as close to its current and original format as possible.

You can find more information about the program guidelines, or when your pickup will occur, by visiting Sandy’s website.

Brooke D’Sousa

Sandy City Council At-large Candidate


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