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What you need to know before you vote

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Ballots are arriving in mailboxes around Sandy, which means it’s time to cast your vote for Mayor and those seeking open City Council seats.

I am running to be your next Sandy City Council At-Large representative. This seat is open to new leadership as the incumbent is not running again for this seat. I feel passionately about representing our community’s values. As a mother to a twenty-three year old daughter with autism, I have learned the importance of giving a voice to those who are most vulnerable. It is in the advocacy for others that I have found my purpose, and it is what lead me to become involved in municipal government, and ultimately what has driven me to run for City Council.

A vote for me is a vote for:

  • Conservative spending and a sustainable budget that prioritizes safety and vital services

  • Sensible growth that enhances our business community and preserves our neighborhoods

  • Preservation of our parks, trails, and public open space

  • Continuing the curbside bulk waste program and revitalizing Alta Canyon Sports Center

  • Improved communication between the city and residents and increasing governmental transparency

Sandy is a complex, modern city facing many issues as we move into the future. I’m not afraid to tackle those issues challenging our infrastructure, growth, and economy. I strongly believe in balancing future needs while preserving all that we love about Sandy. I will search for the best solution through information and data gathering, discussion and collaboration, with all viewpoints thoughtfully considered. We need representatives with comprehensive knowledge of all the issues, and the ability to seek balanced solutions to address them.

I am that candidate, and I am asking for your vote.

Thank you,

Brooke D’Sousa

Sandy City Council At-large Candidate


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