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Top 5 questions voters ask me

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

We are one month away from Election Day, and ballots arrive in mailboxes next week. As the end of this election draws near, I reflect on the months of campaigning I have done, and the thousands of doors I have personally knocked. That one-on-one interaction is by far, my favorite campaign activity. It allows us a brief opportunity to get to know each other, and I get to hear about the things that matter most to you and your families, and you get ask me questions about why I’m the best candidate to represent you on the City Council.

In all the conversations I have had with people all over the city, there are a few questions that come up more than any other. I thought I would share them here with you today, along with my responses to those questions.

Question 1: What will you do to protect the curbside bulk-waste program?

Answer: The curbside bulk-waste program serves the important function of beautifying and cleaning our city. And while I am pleased the bulk waste program is happening this fall, no final decision has been made regarding future collections as negotiations are ongoing between Sandy City and the Department of Environmental Quality. However, I assure you that should I be elected this November, I will continue to work with the Bulk Waste Work Group, members of the City Council and the new mayoral administration to find and acceptable solution for both the city and the DEQ, while keeping the program as close to its current and original curbside format as possible. A reservation dumpster program just won’t cut it, as some of my opponents have suggested.

Question 2: How would you have voted on the every-other-week recycling pickup?

Answer: As a regular City Council meetings attendee, I’ve been able to follow the conversations about recycling that have occurred over time. To answer the question directly, I would have voted to keep our recycling services weekly. I believe the City Council rushed to a decision without fully or properly vetting the options before deciding it was either a fee increase of $2.45 a month or cutting services in half. Waste Management said in last week’s City Council meeting that the recycling market is picking back up, which helps to reduce costs of this service to residents. Additionally, the city’s contract with WM was set to expire this November, and I believe there was a missed opportunity to renegotiate the contract by having other service providers bid the job. Overall, I am becoming increasingly more concerned with the reduction in services to residents without a corresponding reduction in costs to us.

Question 3: Do I have to rank all candidates on the ballot?

Answer: No, you do not have to rank all candidates for your vote to count. You can rank only one, you can rank two or three, or you can rank them all. If you rank only one, your vote will absolutely count, however, if that candidate receives the fewest votes and they are eliminated from the race, you will not have a say in which of the remaining candidates will go on to be the winner unless you rank more candidates. That scenario is similar to voting for a candidate in a municipal primary who doesn’t get enough votes to move on to the general election, and then deciding not to vote for either of the remaining candidates in a general election, leaving the final decision up to the rest of the electorate. Sandy will be sending more information about Ranked Choice Voting in the October edition of the Sandy Journal, so be sure to look for yours there. Otherwise, you can visit Sandy’s RCV webpage for more information. I’ve also posted the Sandy Municipal Election sample ballot on my candidate website if you’d like to see it early.

Question 4: Your website and literature say you’re fiscally conservative. What does that mean?

Answer: Yes, I am fiscally conservative which means that I care deeply about the responsible use of your tax dollars as it relates to budgeting. I don’t believe that property tax increases should be the “go-to” method the City Council uses to fund what seems to be an ever-increasing budget. In fact, the proposed use of one-time funds to cover something that would create a new on-going expense is becoming a regular occurrence by some council members. This only puts pressure on future property tax increases because there will be a short-fall come the following year’s budget unless a new revenue stream is identified. Additionally, when Sandy increased property taxes two years ago by the largest percentage ever (34%), the City Council included one-time expenses in the calculation for that tax increase. This means that after the one-time expense is covered, there will be a surplus by that amount every year. Instead, that money should have remained in your pocket and other funding options should have been explored for those on-time expenses. These examples are the result of irresponsible budgeting by some who I can only assume do not have the knowledge or experience to budget appropriately and responsibly. I hold a business degree from the University of Utah, and have 17 years of professional experience in financial services, so I can confidently say that I have the knowledge and experience to protect your tax dollars and ensure we can thrive without an increased burden on Sandy residents.

Question 5: Why are you running for a seat on the City Council?

Answer: Sandy has been central to my life for the last 20 years, and is where my husband and I have chosen to raise our three children. We love Sandy’s quality neighborhoods, parks and trails, and strong sense of community. I am running for city council to ensure future generations have that same opportunity. As we go forward, I believe in balancing future needs while preserving all that we love about Sandy. I have taken the initiative over the last 4 years to do my homework and really understand the role I am hoping to fill by being elected as your city representative this November. I have taken city trainings, participated on city committees, and I’ve attended City Council meetings regularly. I can say with conviction that I am the most qualified, knowledgeable and prepared candidate in the race for the At-Large City Council seat, as the incumbent is vacating this seat to run for another one. I hope you will also come to that same conclusion as you continue to research the candidates, and that you will choose me when you cast your vote. It would be my honor to serve you.

Thank you,

Brooke D’Sousa

Sandy City Council At-large Candidate


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