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Meet Brooke D'Sousa

"To make a difference, don't show people
your super powers, show them theirs." 
-Tim Shriver




Brooke D'Sousa is a mom, a small business owner (Beehive Quilt Company), and she's running to represent you on the Sandy City Council. She was born, and has lived her entire life here in the Salt Lake Valley. It's the mountains she says she can never leave...they hold her heart.


Brooke became a mother at the young age of seventeen. For most of her life, Brooke has put the needs of others before her

For Brooke's family, Sandy is, and has been home for more than ten years. They love Sandy's quality neighborhoods, open space, and strong sense of community. Alongside her husband, they have raised their three children to enjoy all that Sandy City has to offer and she's running for city council to ensure future generations have that same opportunity. 

own, as mothers do. Her grandmother always said, "We find ourselves in the sacrifices we make." This was something she never forgot as she forged ahead to create a life for her daughter, who at the age of four was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Advocating for her daughter's needs while carrying all the responsibilities a single mother does, she never wavered from her long-term vision of the life she dreamed for her daughter. It was in her sacrifices that Brooke discovered her purpose. She now uses her life's experiences to help others because she truly understands the importance and value of a stranger's generosity and compassion.

Throughout her life, Brooke has always found opportunities to serve. She chaired her local School Community Council and is currently the Secondary Council PTA President for Canyons School District. Brooke previously worked with a group of parents to create a PTA for Canyons Transition Academy, a post-high school transition program offered by Canyons School District to young adults with special needs. In these roles she works with many others to ensure the needs of all children are being met and that they can excel in their abilities. Brooke also sits on the Board of Directors for The Sandy Club - A Safe Place for Boys and Girls. This organization dedicates itself and its resources to caring for the most vulnerable of our city's children. Brooke volunteers all over our community, from planting flowers on Sandy Beautification Day to helping with the annual Healing Field flag display, in support of our shared community values.


In 2017, Brooke participated in the first Sandy City Council Citizens Academy. It was here that she developed a comprehensive understanding of our municipal government, and the differing responsibilities of the Council and Mayor. Brooke has met and interacted with many who work for our city in the years since, and has developed good working relationships with both past and present council members and our mayor. Brooke's ability to form genuine relationships with others is an important leadership quality because the council functions as a team, and to be effective, one must be able to work with others to accomplish the goals of the city. Brooke has also attended the Sandy City Citizens Fire Academy, and was scheduled to participate in the Sandy City Citizens Police Academy last year until Covid put that on hold. She is a regular participant in the weekly City Council meetings, and is knowledgable about the issues the city must work to resolve both now and in the future.

Brooke holds a business degree from the University of Utah and has 17 years in professional experience in financial services, giving her the experience needed to manage the city's budget, which is the primary responsibility of the City Council. She will bring her track-record of fiscal responsibility to the City Council to ensure we can thrive without putting an extra burden on our local taxpayers. More recently, Brooke has chosen a career serving other families as a residential realtor, helping them navigate the confusing and sometimes difficult process of buying or selling a home. She provides every client with the same outstanding service, and as a result, they refer their family and friends because they know she will always have their best interests at heart. It is this same honest and transparent service that Brooke will provide to all Sandy residents if elected. Her experience as a realtor also gives her keen insight into why people choose Sandy as their home. It is very important to Brooke that we preserve the qualities of our city that attract and retain residents as we make decisions that will affect the future of Sandy.

Brooke isn’t afraid to tackle the issues facing Sandy’s infrastructure, growth, and economy. She strongly believes in balancing future needs while preserving all that we love about Sandy. Brooke always searches for the best solution through information and data gathering, discussion and collaboration, with all viewpoints thoughtfully considered.

Brooke will be out knocking doors in neighborhoods across the city because she wants to meet with, and hear from each of you. But please feel free to reach out to her at anytime. It is our connection with each other that truly makes Sandy so special.

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