August 12, 2019

How I approach growth and development

As long-time resident of Sandy City, I’ve watched the city grow as more and more people choose to make this beautiful community their home. These observations are part of why I chose to run for Sandy City Council this year where I hope to represent ALL of District 4, to be sure we are effectively looking at every aspect of growth; what it means now, and how we plan for the future.


Like many of you, I too am concerned with the impact this growth will have on our city...(read more)

August 7, 2019

Vote in the Primary Election

The primary election results are just 1 week away and EVERY VOTE MATTERS!

Your vote this primary election means more (statistically speaking) because voter turnout is typically much lower than in state and federal elections, so the candidate you would like to see elected needs you to vote...(read more)

July 25, 2019

My view on the Tax Increase


Many of you have reached out to ask my position on the proposed 34% property tax increase. I appreciate the question because it should be considered when deciding where to place your vote for Sandy City Council District 4.


To answer the question directly...(read more)

June 4, 2019

My response to the Sandy City Fluoride Overfeed Final Report


I have completed a full read-through of the Sandy City Fluoride Overfeed Final Report which revealed MANY deficiencies with the city’s response. My biggest take-away, however, was that no one, from the Mayor to the Deputy Mayor, and the Chief Administrative Officer to the Public Utilities Director, acted with any sense of urgency in responding to the matter in the initial days of the event. It is clear to me that this lack of urgency put the response plan at a major disadvantage and the city was ineffective in managing the situation because they were constantly running behind the ball. (read more)


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